Jeff Sessions’ Triumph: Donald Trump the 2016 Nominee

After two decades in Democratic and Republican backwaters, Sen. Jeff Sessions played a starring role in the 2016 convention as he formally nominated Donald Trump to the 2016 the convention.

Sessions earned the prime-time slot by allying with Trump in 2015 to highlight the central issues in the primary battles — Washington D.C.’s policies of flooding cheap labor into the U.S. job market, and of flooding Americans’ jobs outwards from the U.S. heartland into foreign job-markets.

Breitbart News met with the Senator on the floor of the convention, where he was greeting a line of well-wishers just after he stepped down from the stage.

“I’m not sure it has dawned on me, but it is special to have gone, you know, from being a [member of the] Republican [party which] hardly ever won elections [in Alabama] to to seeing Alabama become a Republican state, and to be involved in the United States Senate and now to be able to nominate what I hope will be the next president of theUnited States,” he said.

“That is really a remarkable thing for somebody who grew up in the country, who went barefoot all summer, and just played in the creek bed.”

“I had a feeling that Donald Trump was talking about the issues that people care about, [and] they were not happy with the establishment mindset and the establishment …  he took their concerns with courage, he took the heat and stood right up and didn’t back down,” he said. 


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