Study: Normal, Healthy Children Outgrow Socialism

“The adults are in charge now.” That was a much-repeated phrase after the 2008 election all around the Left. It never seemed right to me; like when you’d overhear a thirteen-year old girl calling a boy “immature.” But now there is scientific evidence of something I suspected long ago.


It doesn’t make sense that the party who stresses personal responsibility could really be less mature, than the party of entitlement. The entire Democrat platform is structured to give away things that most adults find for themselves.

Republicans thinks people are better of finding their own way in the world, the Democrats want a government who pays for college, gives them an allowance, and helps out with the groceries and rent. Things that we consider privileges, they consider rights. (Is the Left’s push for public transit really about the environment, or is it more like borrowing dad’s car on date night?)

The new health care bill will force health insurance companies to cover adults unable to leave their parents, which certainly doesn’t seem mature. On the bright side, 27 year old “children” still living with mom, will no longer have to make the difficult choice, between paying for Health Care, or unlimited texting.

Our protests are definitely more mature. At Tea Parties, we often pick up the trash that was left behind from the Earth Day rally. Leftist protests are full of screaming, rock throwing, and the ultimate end when the protesters drop on the floor and refuse to move, like a spoiled kid who has decided that he will not go to bed. Of course when the police finally take the protestors into custody they start kicking and screaming in full-on tantrum mode.

The left loves their name-calling too. For the eight years of the Bush Administration, we were exposed to every variation of Nazi that could be added into the name of a Republican. Leftists spent the better part of those years treating names in the Administration like the Daily Jumble. It reminded me of the way a high school kid purposefully misspells a teacher’s name, into something vaguely pornographic. To this day, the comments of the Huffington Post are strewn with references to Rethuglicans, Repugnants, and Repukes.

In the eyes of leftists, it was the previous Administration that acted childish. Meanwhile the Democrats have run up the National debt like a college kid, who got his first credit card on five-dollar pitcher night. The previous Administration was by no means fiscally conservative, but compared to the Democrats they look tighter than a European calculating a gratuity.

The adage goes: If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you must be a Teacher. All this was verified for me in the May 28 issue of Science Magazine. A study (brought to my attention by Lene Johansen) was performed by Ingvild Almås, Alexander W. Cappelen, Erik Ø. Sørensen, and Bertil Tungodden of the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. They used a Dictator Game, where one child is allowed to split prize money with their team-mates. They found that older children don’t split the money evenly, proving that children lose their socialist tendencies as they mature. According to the abstract, as children “enter adolescence, they increasingly view inequalities reflecting differences in individual achievements, but not luck, as fair.”

While this experiment suggests that Socialism is based on childish notions; it also illustrates the reason why it will never work. As Children grow up they want to keep what they’ve earned. Apparently, normal kids grow out of Socialism around the same time they realize it’s stupid not to score soccer games.

There is something innate to human nature that everyone wants the most for himself. Few Leftists think they’re making too much. The problem, seen through Leftist glasses, is there are some people making more than they do, and people who don’t have as much. The solution of course (based on a childish supposition) is to take from the people with too much, and give it to the people who don’t have it. Even out the cookies so everyone has the same.

Socialists continue to cling to a childish version of fairness. Just like your teacher told you in school: If you didn’t bring enough for everyone, than you’re not allowed to have any for yourself.

It’s time we all grow up.


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