Democrats' 'War on Women' Backfires

More proof that Democrats's "War On Women, War On Moms" backfired:

More voters think Mitt Romney and the Republican Party respect women who work outside the home than think President Obama and the Democrats respect women who stay at home, according to the latest The Hill Poll.

Forty-nine percent of likely voters said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee respects women who have independent careers, while 27 percent said he doesn’t and 24 percent weren’t sure.

When asked if President Obama respects women who stay at home rather than pursue a career, 37 percent of likely voters said he doesn’t and 35 percent said he does. Twenty-nine percent were unsure.


When it came to just women voters, 46 percent said Romney better understands their issues while 41 percent said Obama is better.

There was also a statistical tie when it came to which political party is better for women, with 42 percent of all voters saying Republicans and 41 percent Democrats.

Democrats suffered heavy losses in their sloppy attack on Ann Romney and working/stay-at-home women. Let this be a lesson for them to stick to real issues. 


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