If Romney Doesn't Define It As A Tax Now, Obama Will Define It As a Penalty Then

Everywhere you look, Democrats are looking to put space between themselves and the use of the word “tax” to describe the Obamacare individual mandate. And although this was the only way the key component of Obama’s healthcare overhaul survived Supreme Court scrutiny, by labeling it a tax, Democrats are yet stumbling, fumbling, and tumbling to call it a “penalty.”

Just last night on FOX NEWS, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and many others balked at the idea that people are calling the mandate a tax, and with straight faces they said it’s just a penalty.

Here’s the good news: labeling the individual mandate a tax, as Chief Justice John Roberts did, is an absolute winner for Gov. Mitt Romney. For it demonstrates the fallacy of Obama’s claims to protect the Middle Class from taxation. We literally have the Supreme Court on record defining the mandate as a tax.

Here’s the problem: the Democrats are in revisionist history overdrive. No longer satisfied with rewriting the history of our nation’s founding, our culture’s underpinnings, etc., they are now rewriting the history of last week. And part of the re-write is to expunge the word “tax” from the discussion surrounding the Supreme Court decision and the Obamacare legislation. For they know that if they can somehow get to the November elections facing the word “penalty” instead of “tax” they’ve actually got a shot at winning four more years in the White House.

Republicans need to practice one phrase over and over again: “The Supreme Court ruled the individual mandate is a tax, the Supreme Court ruled the individual mandate is a tax, the Supreme Court ruled individual mandate is a tax …”  

The Romney campaign needs to be shouting this from the rooftops.

We have now and we have November. And we can either define the mandate as a tax now and win or lollygag around and let Obama define it as penalty then and he will win; it’s as simple as that.

Say it with me: “It is a tax, It is a tax, It is a tax…”


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