Youth Vote Slipping from Obama

"The choice in terms of the direction we want to take the country is very stark this time, so the stakes are big, and I think people want to finish what we started in 2008.” President Obama exclaimed July 15th. The past four years the media has painted a picture that the Obama campaign has an 'army of young volunteers' and that Obama 'shows younger people Hope'.

Most people, including me, believed it. Earlier in the summer, I wrote a piece called "Don’t Surrender the Youth vote to Obama" explaining how the conservative message is starting to take seed in the minds of younger voters. Younger voters are waking up to the mess of the past four years; five trillion in new debt, 8.3% unemployment, a stagnant economy, and a clear lack of leadership is sending 18-24 year olds away from President Obama.

A new poll by John Zogby shows for the first time over 40% of younger voters back Mitt Romney. This number is astounding, considering President Obama has 27 million LIKES on Facebook, 18 million followers on Twitter, and is still considered to be very likable. Although, despite his 'likability" younger generations are tired of the same political talking points, and empty promises. They are looking for a problem solving candidate, or two.

Since the selection of Paul Ryan, we have seen Governor Romney’s youth approval ratings increase steadily. Congressman Ryan brings a youthful approach to politics; he does p90x, listens to Led Zeppelin, and is only 42 years old. But most importantly, he has a solid record of proposing solutions. Many of my friends disagree with Congressman Ryan's solutions; they think they are 'extreme' and 'radical'. He has won over their support because he has a plan and he sticks by it. Something President Obama has failed to do during his tenure as President.

The poll continues to add "Obama received just 49% support from the youth...which is concerning considering Obama is going to need every youth vote he can get". Republicans young and old are going to run to the ballot box in November. We can expect high voter turnout from the Tea Party, Evangelical voters, and fiscal conservatives. All signs point to the fact that Obama's key demographic, the youth, is dissipating. The youth will not show up in record levels for President Obama, and their frustration indicates it will translate into votes for Governor Romney.

Mitt Romney may not incite the same 'rah-rah Obama' craze that swept over in 2008, he will not have pop icons singing his praise, nor will he have thousands of young people delaying school to work for him. Instead, Governor Romney will be respected, not loved. Younger voters want a leader, not a celebrity in the White House. Younger voters are starting to realize voting for President is not like voting for "American Idol", it is not about who tweets the most, or who has the best punch lines. Rather, it is about who has the strongest record, who has solutions, and who will fight for future generations; younger voters are now siding with Governor Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan.

Charlie Kirk is the Founder of Turning Point USA ( and will be a freshmen at Baylor University.  


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