Warren: 'Romney Says' He Plans to Increase Taxes on Middle Class

Even before the opening gavel, embattled Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has told her first lie at the Democratic National Convention. 

Appearing on NBC's Today Show Tuesday morning, she made this statement to Savannah Guthrie: "When Romney says his plan is to cut taxes for the rich and increase them for the middle class, you better believe I've got a problem with that."

Mitt Romney has never stated that his plan, if elected, is to increase taxes for the middle class. 

Ken Berwitz over at the Hopelessly Partisan blog caught Warren's lie as well:

[T]his was not a one-time occurrence. Apparently Ms. Warren... told this exact same lie to interviewers on the other two networks as well. And, like Savannah Guthrie, neither of the other two interviewers challenged her on it.

Excerpted from Rich Noyes' blog for newsbusters.

On ABC’s Good Morning America: “Mitt Romney has made clear what his plan is: cut taxes for the richest Americans and the biggest corporations, increase taxes on the middle class, and don’t make any investments in the future. Barack Obama says that’s not the right way to do it....”

On CBS This Morning: “Mitt Romney and the Republicans have said, ‘We’re gonna cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations, increase taxes on the middle class, and stop making the investments — or, sharply reduce the investments in education, roads and bridges, the sorts of things it takes to build a future.’ President Obama says ‘No, that’s not the right approach....’”

This is a lie. There is no way to sugar-coat or rationalize it into anything else. Yet not one, not tow [sic], but all three of the morning shows let it pass as if Warren were reciting declarations straight from Olympus.

Breitbart News phoned and emailed the Warren campaign for evidence to support Ms. Warren's statement but received no response.


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