'The Moral Paper Route' Wins AEI's $40,000 Video Contest

Jared Fuller, creator of "The Moral Paper Route" video, won the American Enterprise Institute's video contest that challenged entrants to make the moral case for free enterprise in under two minutes. Fuller received $40,000 for his first-place video that argues the "great dialectic" of our time is between "economic enterprise and the state."

In the video, a boy whose parents came to America for "economic freedom" sees his parents' sewing business shut down by government regulators. He pawns his violin, starts a paper route and, later in life, eventually helps buy his parents a business that makes wedding dresses. This is Fuller's story. 

“My parents grew up in another country entirely where things were completely different,” Fuller wrote on www.moralpaperroute.com

He said his parents "broke rules that most never figure out, rules not meant for people to easily understand but instead to privilege a select few, or manage the types of choices people can make" for their own lives. 

"When I sold my violin, saved my paycheck for three months, and gave it to my mother and father so they could start their business, I realized I was doing the right thing and joining people all over the US and the world in taking risks to create something new," Fuller wrote. "It was only through the hard work of our family that we succeeded, we best served the desires of our customers, and they in returned exchanged with us."

The narrator in the video says “the great virtue of a free market system” is “it does not care what color people are” or “what their religion is.” 

“It only cares whether they can produce something you want to buy,” the narrator says. “Freedom is a market enterprise where every person can make a difference in the world.” 

Joseph Farris won $7,500 for his second-place video, "Freedom's Price." And Don Brookins won $2,500 for his third-place video, "Joke of the Day."

S.E. Cupp, Jonah Goldberg, Kristina Kendall, executive producer of “Stossel” on Fox Business Network, and Remy Munasifi, a comedian and YouTube video star from Northern Virginia, judged the videos. 

"The video contest is unlike anything that AEI has done in the past. It was great to see so many people from around the country devote so much time and passion to making the moral case for free enterprise," Daniel Rothschild, AEI's Director of External Affairs, told Breitbart News. "Three winners run the gamut from earnest to humorous, and they all reflect the personal beliefs of their creators as to why free enterprise matters."

All three videos can be seen below, and those that made the final round can be viewed in this gallery

First Place: 

Second Place: 

Third Place: 


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