Obama Crushes Romney in Global Polls; Majority of Obama.com Traffic Foreign

A global survey released on Thursday found that President Barack Obama would beat Mitt Romney in a landslide, 65%-18%, if the international community could vote in U.S. presidential elections. 

This poll not only validates Obama's popularity abroad. It also raises even more concerns about why the Obama campaign has not used minimum security measures to prevent foreigners from illegally donating to its campaign, as a recent blockbuster, nine-month Government Accountability Institute (GAI) investigation found.  

According to a GlobalPost poll, which was not "journalistic" and "not scientific" because it was conducted using "on the street interviews" by GlobalPost's foreign correspondents, 42% of those surveyed said they wanted to vote in the United States. That rose to 46% among those who were 30 years of age or less.

"We found that the global community is no swing state," GlobalPost concluded.

GlobalPost's poll confirms more formal findings by Gallup a month ago, which found Obama would beat Romney by 62 points, 81%-19%. Sixty-three percent said they would vote if the U.S. election were a global contest.

Gallup polled "more than 26,000 men and women outside the United States," and 63% of those surveyed "said the U.S. president has a high or very high impact on their lives."

According to the GAI report, nearly 70% of traffic to Obama.com, a site the campaign does not own but redirects visitors to its donation page, comes from foreign sources. If those in the international community are so enthused about Obama and want to participate in U.S. elections if they could, it does not defy logic that these foreigners could also willingly attempt to help Obama by donating to his campaign. 

And the Obama campaign, by not employing basic anti-fraud security measures on its donation pages, is perhaps knowingly allowing these illicit foreign contributions to pad the campaign's coffers. 


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