Exclusive: Gov. Thompson Says Wisconsin is the Epicenter of Politics

Racine, WI- Governor Tommy Thompson fired up the crowd with a rousing speech at the Racine "Get Out the Vote" Tea Party rally on Saturday. After the rally, I interviewed the Governor about his race for U.S. Senate against Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D).

Thompson, who debated Baldwin Friday night "thought the debate went extremely well” and was very pleased to hear the response after the debate.

He went on to say the energy around the state is “on our side, the enthusiasm is for the Republicans,” pointing to the thousands of Tea Partiers that came out to a rally on a Saturday, ten days before an election.

Wisconsin, he said, “is the epicenter” of politics, electing Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan, will change all of America.

Thompson added, his opponent, “Tammy Baldwin is the most liberal representative in the house… she is one of the biggest spenders… so far to the left, Nancy Pelosi has to turn left to look at her." He highlighted his record as a reformer, cutting taxes 91 taxes, balancing budgets, introducing school choice and welfare reform in contrast to Baldwin, as to why he thinks he is the right choice for Wisconsin.


Tommy Thompson: Wisconsin 'Is The Epicenter' Of Politics This Election Cycle


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