Breitbart Minister of Culture Recognized for Campaign Ad

Jon David Kahn is more than a colleague. More than a pal. He's a member of the Breitbart family, the Minister of Culture at Breitbart News. He's the singer/songwriter behind "American Heart," which he has performed across the nation. He's the literary mind behind "My Weekly Date with a Liberal." And he's also the creative guru behind one of the most effective and widely praised political advertisements of the 2012 election cycle, "The Dinner Table."

All kidding aside, "The Dinner Table" is a serious ad, a 30-second spot that highlights unemployment and economic anxiety in America today--without a single word being spoken. The Five on Fox New Channel compared "The Dinner Table" to the most famous political ad of the television era--the infamous "Daisy" ad of the Johnson-Goldwater campaign--in its ability to convey a compelling message without dialogue. 

Unlike "Daisy," which used the dramatic juxtaposition of a little girl and a nuclear explosion, "The Dinner Table" highlights the subtle and painful way in which economic struggle permeates the intimate life of family relationships. Instead of overstatement, it relies on inference; instead of noise, on uncomfortable silence. 

Americans for Prosperity has been running the spot in various states this fall. And On October 31, the Los Angeles Times recognized "The Dinner Table" as one of the best advertisements of the 2012 election cycle, acknowledging it with an unofficial "special award for artistic merit."

"Sometimes facts and figures can't tell the whole story," Jon says. "I wanted to show the emotional and psychological impact that failed economic policies are having on American families. It's very gratifying that the Times saw the merit in what I was trying to do."

It is a fitting acknowledgment of an advertisement that eschews talking points and speaks directly to the emotional experience of millions of Americans. It will be remembered not just as a political message, but an historical testimony. 

And it's no surprise that it comes from one of Andrew Breitbart's closest friends and allies--for Andrew always knew how to look past political clichés and media narratives to speak directly to the experience of everyday Americans. 

Congratulations to Jon David Kahn--may it be the first award of many!


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