Partisanship Needed Now More Than Ever

With Barack Obama in the White House for second term, Republicans need to dig in their heels and stick to their principles come hell or high water. 

Although this will lead to gridlock and stalemates on multiple fronts, it is in keeping with the checks and balances and  individual liberties our Founding Fathers had in view when they framed our government in the late 1700s.

For example, our Founders designed the House of Representatives to control the purse strings of government. Because of this, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and the Republican majority need to fulfill their roles and check Obama's propensity for reckless spending at every turn in the road. 

We did not re-elect the Republican majority in order for them to rubber stamp Obama's agenda. Rather, they are they are to keep it in check.

On the Senate side, even though Republicans are a minority, they can (and should) play an integral role in executing the duties of ratifying or rejecting certain treaties and of confirming or denying presidential appointments. 

For example, as Obama pushes for the Arms Trade Treaty again, Republican Senators should make it known immediately that the treaty is DOA, should it make to ratification hearings. And if there are Supreme Court nominees put forward during Obama's second term, Republicans need to take a hard line and reject those who want to subvert the constitution to their own personal ideologies. 

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) power in these matters rests with the filibuster, and he should use it every chance he gets, if doing so defends the constitution. This is why the Republicans in the Senate hold the power they hold, and it's what our Founding Fathers intended when they designed the government the way they did.

Obama's victory does not send the signal that everyone needs to embrace a liberal agenda and get along. He was not the only person elected and the presidency was not the only office filled. The House and Senate provide powerful checks on the Executive branch, and now more than ever partisanship is necessary to save day. 


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