Obama: My Policies Would Make Me a 1980's 'Moderate Republican'

President Barack Obama, who supports raising taxes and passed Obamacare, told Noticias Univision 23 on Thursday he thinks he would be considered a "moderate Republican" in the 1980s because of his economic policies.

When a reporter from the Spanish-language station in Miami asked Obama what he thought about Cuban-Americans and some Venezuelans who believe that "you favor a socialist model for our country," Obama said:

The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican.

As The Hill noted, Cuban-Americans and Venezuelans are not the only ones concerned about Obama's socialist-leanings. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said "Obama's socialist policies" will "destroy America's working class" on an appearance on Fox News two weeks ago. 

To counter these claims, Obama insisted he did not think "government can solve every problem" and believed in a tax system "that is fair," which is his way of saying the wealthy in America are not paying enough taxes.

"I do believe that it makes sense that everyone in America, as rich as this country is, shouldn't go bankrupt because someone gets sick, so the things I believe in are essentially the same things your viewers believe in," Obama said.

During the 1980s, Republican President Ronald Reagan cut the top marginal tax rate to 28%, streamlined regulations and unleashed economic growth that helped the United States defeat the communist Soviet Union. 

Obama, on the other hand, passed bailouts, stimulus programs, Obamacare and is advocating for more tax increases even as the unemployment rate is nowhere near the 5.6% Obama promised it would be if his government programs were enacted. 


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