Beyond Gun Control: Cal. Assembly Member Pushes 'Bullet Control'

In order to prevent another Sandy Hook Elementary shooting from taking place, California Assembly member Nancy Skinner is proposing "bullet control."

This consists chiefly to two things: 1. Forcing individuals buying ammunition to show ID, and 2. Forcing retailers to report ammunition sells to the DOJ

Problem number one: People already have to show ID to confirm age before buying ammunition.

Problem number two: Forcing retailers to report ammunition sells to the DOJ is just a slick way of enabling the DOJ to compile a registry of ammunition purchases. 

As I've said in other posts, liberals have been straining to find ways to compile a federal registry of firearms for decades. For now, if they can just start registering the names of those buying ammunition they'll at least have some sort list they can use to map out gun-owning populations.


Would "bullet control" have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting? No.

Will it stop future shootings? No.

Will it make it harder for criminals to get bullets? No.

Will it discourage law-abiding citizens from buying ammo, because they don't want to be on a registry? Yes.

"Wow," says the liberal, "sounds like a great idea!"


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