Obama's Partisan Inauguration

We wanted to believe Obama's promise of unity. He made it, his media made it, his people made it. Obama was going to unite us all as Americans and leave behind the supposed bitter partisanship of the Evil Bush Days.

Oh, were it so. (By the way, the Evil Bush Days were harmonious compared to what we are seeing now.)

There are plenty of examples of Obama partisanship, but few in writing for everybody to see.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee (a supposed non-partisan group) is using the upcoming event in D.C. to grab data for Democrat causes. They openly acknowledge it. When you download their app, they get your info and can share it with liberals. The story was first reported by Steve Friess of Politico where he points out when you read the fine print of the "Privacy Policy" of this app it tells you what the government can share with third parties.  You find they they can share your info "with candidates, organizations, groups or causes that we believe have similar political viewpoints, principles or objectives."

So you attend the upcoming Presidential Inauguration because you want to be there for the historical American event, you download the app on your phone to get the schedule, and Democrats have you in their data base. How does Progressive Spam taste?

No, presidential inaugurations are not like this. They are not partisan events. They never have been partisan events. In fact, presidents normally avoid everything to do with partisanship during these times because they are traditionally events where all Americans to come together to celebrate Liberty.

You can say this is no big deal, Obama didn't know (he loves that excuse for everything,) or it's just your personal info and stop being paranoid, but this is much more than that. It shows the mindset of this administration is unlike any other. They think politics first, last and everywhere in the middle. They will use the inauguration to gather data for future elections to maintain power for Democrats.

I ask, if they will do this, where else are they gathering data to maintain political power for Democrats? The answer is, they will do it anywhere they please.

We now have to fear what we download from this government. That's not paranoia, they put it in writing. 

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