Hispanic Democrat Reps Fear WH Plan Could 'Sabotage' Immigration Reform

When Democrats from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met with President Barack Obama Friday to discuss comprehensive immigration reform, some members urged him not to unveil specifics of his own plan when he gave an immigration speech in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday.

These members believed that if Obama offered up a White House proposal, it could "sabotage" the bipartisan immigration deal that is reportedly in place. 

A source told CNN that "nobody who actually wants to see this passed wants" the legislation branded as an "Obama White House" bill. The source said Democrats wanted Obama to lead, but having the bill associated with him may make it more difficult for Republicans to vote for it. 

Though it is "incredibly rare" for the White House to write its own bill in legislative language, the White House has been reportedly telling lawmakers they are doing exactly that. 

In addition, Obama is still a polarizing figure, and CNN cited sources saying a bipartisan group of Senators decided to unveil their framework for a comprehensive immigration reform plan a day before Obama's announcement to "to start the national dialogue on their bipartisan terrain." 

The bipartisan Senate framework reportedly includes a provision where "the path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants would not open up until a council of border officials verifies that the border is secure." The White House's bill reportedly does not have this language. 


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