Non-Profit Organizing for Action Displays Obama Campaign Logo in Immigration Email

Organizing for Action, the non-profit iteration of Barack Obama's campaign organization, decorated its first big email blast with the well-known campaign logo of Obama for America.

Jim Messina, the chairman of Organizing for Action, purportedly authored the email sent Tuesday, featuring the subject line "I need to know: Are you ready to get this done?" 

Messina was referring to the President's new immigration legislation proposals, which he promoted at a campaign-style event in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday. The language of the email is similar to emails sent by Obama for America during the 2012 presidential campaign:

Friend --

Today in Nevada, President Obama laid out his plan for comprehensive immigration reform, and right now, he needs to know who's ready to help get this done...

As Congress begins to get to work on this issue, there are sure to be disagreements and bumps in the road. It won't be easy, and our success is in no way guaranteed.

But if we stick together, and keep at it, we can accomplish something truly historic.

President Obama is ready to fight for it.

In terms of tax purposes, Organizing for Action is set up as a 501 (c) 4 social welfare non-profit. While its board has vowed not to take donations from lobbyists or PACs, the group is open to receive any amount from corporations.


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