University of Toledo Student Gov. Shuts Down Concealed Carry Resolution

The University of Toledo (UT) Student Government held "a secret vote on Feb. 5" to shut down a resolution to allow concealed carry weapons on campus. 

Reports indicate that this resolution was shut down even though a poll of 5,000 UT students showed a clear majority (54%) supported allowing concealed carry permit holders to be armed on campus.

The day after the Student Government shut down the resolution, UT College Republicans chairman Patrick Richardson expressed his disappointment: "When the results of the [campus] survey showed that the students were on the side of freedom and supported concealed carry on campus, the student senate decided to ignore their own survey and vote down the resolution."

Sam Bain, the State Chairman of Ohio College Republicans, equated this vote with the anti-gun push Democrats are currently making at the federal level: "The Student UT seems to be following the lead of Congress by turning a blind eye to the will of the people. They may have succeeded [in their goal], the cost of sacrificing the safety of the entire student body."

UT College Republicans predict the topic of gun control on university campuses in Ohio and beyond will become more and more of an issue as the negative effects of "gun free zones" become more and more evident. 

This prediction seems more than justified when you look at the evolution of concealed carry provisions and court decisions in over half the states in the union. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, five states allow concealed carry on campus in some measure while 23 others allow each college or university to make that decision for their respective campuses. 


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