Bloomberg Cajoles 21 Companies to Remove Salt from Products

On Monday, February 11, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he had succeeded in cajoling 21 companies to remove more salt from some food products.

Companies such as Butterball, Heinz, Starbucks, Oscar Mayer, and Kraft Foods have committed to taking more sodium out of products ranging from popcorn, to cold cuts, to breakfast sandwiches.

Bloomberg announced that 21 companies out of 24 agreed to the changes.

"These companies have demonstrated their commitment to removing excess sodium from their products and to working with public health authorities toward a shared goal -- helping their customers lead longer, healthier lives," Mayor Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg cannot take all credit for the campaign to eliminate salt in our nation's food products. Many companies have been taking measures to eliminate salt all on their own. For several years, for instance, Sarah Lee Corp. has undertaken its own campaign to lower the salt content from its products.

Other companies have also been following their own desalination projects. ConAgra, makers of Chef Boyardee and Marie Callender's products, have also been following guidelines it set for itself in 2009.

Bloomberg has made a name for himself as a crusader on a campaign to change people's habits by launching attacks on soft drink sales, trans fats content in restaurant foods, and other campaigns.


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