Parents, Students Worried over Anti-Conservative Bias at WV College

Students at West Liberty University in West Virginia are decrying a political science syllabus limiting their options for research source material. The students feel that the exclusion of Fox News as a legitimate source is merely an example of anti-conservative bias.

Professor Stephanie Wolfe criticized Fox News in her syllabus and told students they weren't allowed to use Fox News as source material. It is reported that in the class guide, Wolfe told students, "The tagline Fox News makes me cringe."

"Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from The Onion," Wolfe wrote.

On the other hand, Wolfe told students that the Huffington Post, the BBC, and The New York Times were perfectly acceptable sources.

Parents and students have contacted local media to express their concern over the blatant bias exhibited by their professor.

Robin Capehart, president of West Liberty University, released a statement: "One of our values at West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and inquire and gather information and look at as many different sources as possible on any side, before you reach your opinion."

Capehart did say he was "concerned" over the professor's actions, though, and noted that Professor Wolfe is a "temporary" teacher who is only filling in for another.

In her own defense, Wolfe claimed that she never told students they weren't allowed to use Fox News as a source.


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