Michelle Obama in Video With Big Bird for Anti-Obesity Campaign

Michelle Obama, pushing her “Let’s Move” program, invited someone to join in her in a video stressing healthy eating for children—someone who usually only eats bird feed.

Big Bird.

Michelle: Hi! We’re here in the White House kitchen looking for a healthy snack to eat.

Big Bird: "Gee. I bet you could get just everything you want in this kitchen.

Michelle: “But you know what I like to reach for?”

Okay, Jeopardy contestants, fill in the answer here _____.

Wrong. Instead . . .

Michelle: "Healthy colorful snacks like juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables."

Big Bird: “Those look good.”

Michelle: “And If you’re really on the go, some also come in their own carrying cases like this orange. See? It has a hard peel.”

Big Bird: “Look, so does this banana.”

Michelle: “Eating healthy is easy, and it’s fun and delicious, too.”

It’s a timely video, because the way the economy is going, we’ll soon be reduced to eating nuts and berries.


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