San Antonio Chick-fil-A Vandalized with Gay Marriage Signs

Gay rights advocates defaced and vandalized a San Antonio, TX Chick-fil-A restaurant with more than two dozen Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) posters and messages on Wednesday night. 

Chick-fil-A workers saw the posters when they arrived to work on Thursday morning. 

Some of the signs that were taped to the Chick-fil-A windows read, "Government can not dictate love," "Support love note hate," and "Your son is gay and everything will be okay."

Last summer, liberals targeted Chick-fil-A because Dan Cathy, the company's CEO, said he was opposed to gay marriage and donated to organizations that supported traditional marriage

Mayors in liberal cities--like Boston's Thomas Menino, Chicago's Rahm Emanuel, San Francisco's Ed Lee, and Washington D.C.'s Vincent Gray--suggested they would try to deny Chick-fil-A business permits if the franchise tried to expand in their cities even though that would have been in violation of the First Amendment.

Liberals urged boycotts of Chick-fil-A, while a wildly popular Chick-fil-A appreciation day showed how much Americans supported religious liberty and Chick-fil-A in even the most liberal cities like Washington, D.C. 


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