Blumenthal Wants High Capacity Mag Ban in Democrat Gun Control Package

On March 31 Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) promised to introduce an amendment banning "high capacity" magazines when the Senate considers a gun control package later this month.

Appearing on CNN, Blumenthal said: 

[Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)] has assured me and other proponents of these measures that we can offer amendments on both the assault weapons ban and the prohibition on high capacity magazines. So, there will be votes and I intend to spearhead that amendment on the high-capacity magazines.

It should be noted that the gun control package Reid plans to place before the full Senate does not include an "assault weapons" ban or a "high capacity" magazine ban because he believes these two measures will ruin any chance Democrats have of passing gun control. 

Universal background checks are slowly becoming a gun control albatross for Democrats as well, with various GOP Senators vowing to either filibuster such legislation or simply to vote against it.  

On this issue, however, Blumenthal remains equally entrenched, saying, "I think there is a sensible compromise that we can reach on background checks that will extend them."


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