Study Exposes Bowdoin College as Completely Intolerant of Conservatism

One of the most liberal colleges in the country has been exposed for its incredible animus toward conservatism, all stemming from a golf game between the college president and a leading philanthropist.

In 2010, Barry Mills, the president of Bowdoin College, went golfing with investor and philanthropist Thomas Klingenstein. Their conversation included talk of “diversity,” and Mills later quoted Klingenstein anonymously in his convocation address to Bowdoin's freshman class.

Mills claimed that the philanthropist had interrupted his swing to intone, "I would never support Bowdoin—you are a ridiculous liberal school that brings all the wrong students to campus for all the wrong reasons." Mills added that the man criticized Bowdoin’s "misplaced and misguided diversity efforts," and Mills concluded, "I walked off the course in despair."

Klingenstein got wind of the remarks and responded in the Claremont Review of Books: "He didn't like my views, so he turned me into a backswing interrupting, Bowdoin-hating boor who wants to return to the segregated days of Jim Crow... I explained my disapproval of 'diversity' as it generally has been implemented on college campuses: too much celebration of racial and ethnic difference," and not enough “celebration of our common American identity."

Klingenstein called Mills out for insinuating that he was a racist, as Mills had said:

We are, in the main, a place of liberal political persuasion... we must be willing to entertain diverse perspectives throughout our community... Diversity of ideas at all levels of the college is crucial for our credibility and for our educational mission.

Klingenstein fired back, "Would it be uncharitable to suggest that, in a speech calling for more sensitivity to conservative views, he might have shown some?"

Mills wouldn’t acknowledge that he was mistaken, so Klingenstein called Mills’ bluff. He commissioned researchers to ascertain exactly how serious Bowdoin was about intellectual diversity, rigorous academics, and civic identity. The researchers studied Bowdoin from its founding in 1794, with particular emphasis on the last 45 years. This week, the voluminous report was released.

The report states that Bowdoin is centered on race, class, gender, and sexuality as the bases for history, the focus on “sustainability" (code for the evils of capitalism), and the praise of "global citizenship."

The Klingenstein report reveals some ugly truths: Bowdoin has "no curricular requirements that center on the American founding or the history of the nation." There is no requirement for history majors to take even one course in American history. There is no class available in the history department about American political, military, diplomatic, or intellectual history. There are, however, classes in that department revolving around race, class, gender, and sexuality.

The freshman seminar required of all students? Try one of these: "Sexual Life of Colonialism," "Affirmative Action and U.S. Society," "Fictions of Freedom," "Racism," "Queer Gardens," and "Modern Western Prostitutes."

The report states that "four or five out of approximately 182 full-time faculty members might be described as politically conservative." Guess what percentage of faculty donations went to Barack Obama in 2012? You guessed it: 100 percent.

Bowdoin did not comment on the report.


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