State Inspectors Shut Down Ohio Abortion Facility

The Ohio Department of Health has issued an order to the Capital Care Network abortion facility to stop operations following a failed health and safety inspection.

According to LifeSiteNews, Ohio Right to Life reported that the facility, located in Cuyahoga Falls in northeastern Ohio, has been prohibited from providing any medical services.

During an investigation conducted in February, state health officials found multiple health and safety violations and informed the facility’s director, Terrie Hubbard, that the license to operate would be revoked.

The inspection report cites numerous violations ranging from the use of unqualified and untrained staff, failure to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, failure to maintain patient documentation, failure to perform required staff TB screening, and use of patients’ blood as controls for Rh tests without their knowledge or consent.

The Toledo Blade reported that Hubbard is also the director of another abortion facility, the Toledo Women’s Center, which is still in operation. Last month, University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs announced he would not approve a renewal of the Toledo facility’s transfer agreement with the Toledo Capital Care Network when the agreement expires at the end of July. State health department regulations require all ambulatory surgical facilities in Ohio, including abortion clinics, to have such an agreement with a hospital that can accept patients in an emergency.

The health inspector noted in the report, “Staff [said] that many of the facility’s patients underwent frequent surgical procedures at the facility…Staff would draw a test tube of blood instead of just a finger prick to obtain a blood sample.”

The abortion facility’s State Board of Pharmacy license and its Drug Enforcement Administration license were expired. In addition, a portable medication box contained six syringes containing Fentanyl, a controlled medication, even though the records showed no Fentanyl in the facility.

According to The Blade, Ohio Health department spokesman Tessie Pollock said on Wednesday that the facility did not request a hearing to contest the order.

Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said, “Capital Care’s violations prove that the abortion industry does not operate as a health provider and is reckless.”


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