Parents Flip Out Because Little League Jerseys Have Word 'Guns' On Them

Some parents in Bedford, Michigan went crazy went they saw that their children's baseball jerseys had the word "Guns" on them.

The team name is the the Cubs, but the team's sponsor is "Todd's Guns." 

The team's coach says he didn't notice at first, but as he was passing the jersey's out he said he saw the phrase "Todd's Guns" and he got "very angry." Walters has a son who plays on the team.

Todd Bruning, the owner of the gun store, says he doesn't see a problem with the jerseys. He said they "don't promote violence, just a local business."

Bruning has two sons on the team, and he said they went crazy with excitement when they saw "dad's shop" on the jerseys.

The president of the 3-B baseball team released this statement:  "3-B baseball relies on sponsorship and concession revenue to break even. We have never discriminated against any local business or organization in the past regarding sponsorships."

The team's coach says his son will wear the jersey, but they will put tape over the logo to block it out. 


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