Alleged Author of Fake Rape Threat Deletes Think Progress Honored Website

A student who faked a threat of rape against herself has now deleted her award-winning left-wing website.

Meg Lanker-Simons is a University of Wyoming student and award-winning left-wing blogger. Last week an anonymous individual posted a politically-tinged threat of rape against Lanker-Simons on an independent Facebook page called UW crushes.


Lanker-Simons responded to the apparent threat with an outraged comment calling it "disgusting" and "misogynistic." She described the author as a "creeper" and added "Even if it's taken down, I'm left to wonder if there's someone out there with a violent fantasy about me--and likely other women." This was followed by a recommendation that the author of the hateful threat "get some help" from the "UW counseling center."

The UW Crushes Facebook page, where students had anonymously vented their crushes on other UW students, was taken down. The creators of the site apologized and indicated that, because of the class workload of the students who set it up, not every post was read before publication. In all, the offensive threat was up for about 8 hours.

Despite the post being taken down, anger on campus continued to build. Over the weekend a rally against "rape culture" was organized in which Lanker-Simons took part. Event organizer Amy Paulie told local news station KOWB that the goal was to "raise awareness about the ways that rape culture exists on the UW campus because there are so many people who say that it doesn't exist, it's not a problem."


A police investigation of the incident led to an examination (under search warrant) of Lanker-Simons computer. At that point police "obtained substantial evidence verifying that the offending Facebook post came from Lanker-Simons’ computer." Lanker-Simons denied the accusation but was given a citation for making a "false statement" to police. She has now retained an attorney who says she will plead not guilty at her arraignment.

Prior to the current incident, Lanker-Simons was honored by Think Progress for her work "liveblogging the entire GOP primaries."


Her site, Cognitive Dissonance, has apparently been deleted. A link redirects to another site with no information on it.


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