Recall Signatures Being Counted for CO Dem Senate President over Gun Control

Signatures to launch the recall of Colorado Senate President John Morse were turned in to the Colorado Secretary of State on June 3. The Secretary of State now has up to 15 business days to verify them.

If verified, the recall of Morse will mark the "first recall in [Colorado] history of a state lawmaker."

Morse supported the intrusive and strict gun control measures passed in Colorado earlier this year. He also unsuccessfully pushed for a bill that would have made "assault weapon" manufacturers liable if their guns were misused.

Morse says he does not regret supporting gun control and is willing to see his political career end for having done it. 

Those pressing for Morse's recall are happy to oblige him, saying, "This is the race, right here, that's going to show Washington and Chicago [what happens] when you come after our guns."

The man behind the recall effort, Rob Harris, says: "We the people are making a stand against the people who refused to represent their constituents."


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