IRS Did Mad Men Video Too


IRS Scandal

What do Star Trek and Mad Men have in common? They’ve both been ripped off by the IRS.

Another training video made by the IRS, which had admitted to creating a $50,000 Star Trek video, features an actor imitating the Don Draper character of Mad Men, complete with black-and-white footage. The Draper character says,:

Whether you are a conductor guiding a symphony in a concert, or an artist creating a breathtaking work of art, or a museum curator preserving the archives of history, you are an essential artisan who makes a difference every day. Our customer service is an incredible work of art. Your film directors encourage you to give your best performance.

He later asserts, “We, as administrative support employees, are the curators of customer service.” The IRS has tried to portray its work as “customer service” for years. The Draper character twice introduces Leslye Baronich, who was the director of field assistance in the wage and investment division for the IRS when the video was made. Ms. Baronich does not appear in the video.

Bruce Friedland, an I.R.S. spokesman, said, “While video is a critical part of I.R.S. training and cost-saving efforts, these must be done with appropriate production, content, tone and cost. The I.R.S. has put in place tough new standards for approval of videos, both for internal training and external taxpayer education.”

The Mad Men video was uploaded to the IRS site by Michael R. Davis, the actor playing “Mr. Draper.”


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