Weiner Denies NYT Account of Going Off Half-Cocked, 'Much Mellower' Now


Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner, trying to fend off a critical article in the New York Times that depicted him as a terrible boss when he was in Congress, told the Grand Council of Guardians, a group representing black police officers, that he was simply “an impatient person.” 

Weiner boasted, “I’ll tell you this: that New York Times story was right about one thing. I’m an impatient person. I don’t want to wait. I’m not going to wait four years to do a contract. I’m not gonna wait 24 hours to change the policies." 

"I am like a lot of New Yorkers are — they don’t slow down at yellow lights if you know what I’m saying,” Weiner explained.

Weiner then informed his listeners that he was just a regular guy with real compassion, saying, “If you’re not impatient when you’re the mayor, there’s something wrong with you — you don’t have a heart. So if you want to know what kind of guy I am, I am what I am.”

The Times article referenced a story where Weiner “threw a salad against the wall, then left the room as the dressing slowly dripped, leaving a stain” during his 2005 congressional campaign.

Weiner protested that he’s not the kind of guy who leaves stains.

Weiner said, “The salad story’s apocryphal. The way Josh (a friend of Weiner’s) tells it — and he was on the campaign at the time — is the door opened and there was a salad on the wall. First of all, I don’t do salad. That’s the other thing about the story. I don’t do salads.”

He continued, “Look, I’m impatient for change, and I fight hard for the middle class and those struggling to make it, and I make no apology about that. I mean, I’m a much mellower person than I was when the salad did or did not wind up on the wall.”

As Weiner left the meeting, an aide offered him his umbrella for the heavy rain outside. Weiner told the aide, “I had this great big umbrella.” The aide answered, “I know, that’s my umbrella. I can go get your big one.” He ran to the car to get Weiner’s umbrella. Weiner took his own instrument in his hand, and noted, “This way now neither one of us gets wet. See, I’m impatient, but now he’s not gonna get wet.”


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