New Group, Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration, Opposes Gang of 8 Bill


Immigration Bill

On Friday, Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration, an informal group of well-respected evangelical Christians announced its opposition to the Gang of Eight immigration bill. The group, recently organized by Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of the Veritas Forum and co-author and editor of Finding God at Harvard, featured a letter written to members of Congress by Kullberg outlining the Biblical principles on which opposition to the bill is based on its website and Facebook page.

The Gang of 8 bill, Kullberg writes in her letter, "is flawed to the point of being unworkable. Please, scrap it and start over." She writes that "as a citizen in the Heartland, I have a simple request of the Senate: Please stop. Please, no more surprises. Rather, rebuild our trust." 

"There seems to be great confusion about what the bill means and how it will be implemented," she argues. "Rushing to a vote, once again, is not wise."

Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration's opposition to the Gang of Eight bill comes just two weeks after a George Soros-backed group, the Evangelical Immigration Table, launched a $250,000 media campaign in support of the bill's passage.

But Kullberg wants the Senate to know that American citizens "are not willing to 'pass the bill so that [we] can find out what is in it.' We The People never were willing to act so immorally, so foolishly, and certainly not now," she writes. "This is no time for another mystery bill that will forever change the nation we love and have the duty to steward."

"Our future," Kullberg argues, "should not be shaped by those who break laws but by those who keep laws. Let’s learn to care for both the citizen and the foreigner, and do this wisely with no surprises. Another 'Obamacare' will break our back as a nation."

"We believe that some of you know this," she tells the Senators and Congressmen in her letter.

Ms. Kullberg focuses on a key scriptural misrepresentation made by Soros's Evangelical Immigration Table. "While the Bible teaches us to be kind to the sojourner or 'resident alien,' it also teaches that kindness to the sojourner ought not to be injustice to local citizens and their unique culture." She adds that, "[w]e, like our Founders, want to conserve what is true, good and beautiful. We want to nurture a nation that would welcome our children as well as the well-intended sojourner."

Kullberg writes that "God loves the 'sojourner,' " but adds, "God also loves the citizen." A sojourner, according to Kullberg, is not an illegal immigrant, but a non-citizen who abides by the laws of the host country. "Old Testament scholar James Hoffmeier states that the Hebrew word 'ger', translated 'alien' or 'sojourner' refers to 'a person who entered Israel and followed legal procedures to obtain recognized standing as a resident alien.' This lawful sojourner . . .was not necessarily given all the rights and privileges as the Hebrew citizen, but was treated kindly, indeed much more kindly than was customary among tribes and nations of the ancient world. "

Kullberg cites Hoffmeier's conclusion that "verses [in the Bible] about sojourners refer to legal immigrants into the country. But other people who did not have this recognized standing were simply termed ‘foreigners’ … and did not have the same benefits or privileges that sojourners did." (emphasis added)

From a practical perspective, Kullberg argues the Gang of 8 bill is a budget buster."Cost projections vary but most agree that, given access to many U.S. social welfare services, the net price tag of S. 744 [the Gang of 8 bill] will be in the trillions of dollars. This net cost is in addition to our current seventeen trillion dollars of national debt."

"Such escalation of debt," writes Kullberg, "is one way to destroy a nation. It is immoral. It is theft from American seniors and children. It is unbiblical. It is unkind."

The Gang of 8 bill has cultural as well as financial costs. "The cultural costs of the passage of S. 744 are also enormous," Kullberg says. "The bill would dramatically affect the future of 300 million current citizens by reshaping America’s sovereignty, economy, spiritual and moral compass, political dependencies, public safety and national security. Whether this appeals to you, or not, it is wise to foresee this reality. I urge you to call your Senators today to express your opinions."

Kullberg closes by using Ruth (seen in the painting in the headline of this article) and Rahab as Biblical role models relevant to the immigration reform debate. "Just as Paul taught the Church (1 Timothy 5) to delineate among widows for whom the Church should provide,"Kullberg concludes, "we are called to discern among 'sojourners' (like Ruth and Rahab who intend to assimilate and bless) and 'foreigners' (who do not intend to assimilate and bless) and to welcome the former with hospitality."


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