Ohio IRS Victim: 'No Way' Agents Went Rogue


IRS Scandal

A day before the mass "Audit the IRS" rally in Washington, D.C., George Brunemann said the IRS specifically audited him in 2012 because he was associated with the Cincinnati Tea Party, and it was clear supervisors were ordering IRS agents to target Tea Partiers. 

Speaking on "The David Webb Show" on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 on Tuesday, Brunemann, who will speak at the rally on Wednesday, said an IRS agent told his wife over the phone in January of 2012, "you are being audited because of your association with the Cincinnati Tea Party." 

"I'm tempted to call the NSA and get the recording," he quipped, saying he did not have the recording of the phone call.

He said his wife was a treasurer for a Tea Party group who also did tax returns for a living and at first thought the IRS agent was calling about a tax return of one of her clients. His wife realized they were being audited when the IRS official specifically told her they were being audited because they made a "deposit to Cincinnati Tea Party."

"There's no way [these agents] went rogue," he said, noting the woman who made the phone call was actually sympathetic and apologetic. He said she was "clearly being ordered" to make those calls. 

Brunemann was speaking to Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon, who was guest-hosting for David Webb before Wednesday's mass "Audit the IRS" rally in Washington, D.C. 


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