Sen Cruz: 'This Current Bill is a Mess'


Immigration Bill

Senator Ted Crux (R-TX) appeared on FOX News’s Cavuto with guest host Eric Bolling Friday to express his dissatisfaction with the Gang of 8 bill and Corker-Hoeven amendment.

“This current bill is a mess. It is repeating the same failed pattern we saw in 1986. In 1986 Congress came to the American people and said we're going to grant amnesty to some three million people here illegally, and in exchange we'll secure the borders and the immigration problem will go away. What happened was the people got amnesty but the borders never got secured and the problem got worse and worse. Today instead of three million people we're dealing with 11 million people here illegally, and what congress is saying is the exact same deal, which is, legalization first, and then they're promising maybe someday in the future the border will be secured.”

Cruz has been against this bill from the beginning. Early in May he offered an amendment that blocked any illegal immigrant from receiving any type of welfare. After the bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in May he said the bill makes the immigration system worse.

He also pointed out the new amendment ignores border security, which is what the American people want the most.

“The current Gang of Eight bill all depends upon Janet Napolitano submitting a plan to secure the border. That plan will never materialize. And then this week the big news is a couple of Republicans have joined with Chuck Schumer and President Obama in supporting an amendment that they're going to say secures the border, but critically, just like the Gang of Eight, this new amendment allows legalization first, and then it promises, possibly, border security in the future, and we have seen before the border security will never work.”

On Thursday Cruz sent out a petition to stop the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. He told supporters to send a strong signal to Washington and “defeat amnesty and stand for legal immigration.”


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