The House Must Reject the Senate's Amnesty Plan

This past Thursday, 14 Republican Senators betrayed the conservative movement by voting for an amnesty bill that doesn't prioritize securing our Southern border first. 

What was passed by the United States Senate this week was amnesty, plain and simple. If the bill were to eventually become the law of the land, it would only lead to more illegal immigration. This is why Speaker John Boehner must stand firm and not let this severely flawed piece of legislation ever see the light of day in the House of Representatives.

Though the Senate vote is over, I ask my fellow conservatives to call Senators Rubio, McCain, Graham, Kirk, Flake, Ayotte, Heller, Hoeven, Corker, Murkowski, Collins, Hatch, Chiesa, and Alexander and remind them that they betrayed their core conservative principles with their vote for amnesty on Thursday. Right here on Breitbart just two weeks ago, I laid out the host of problems with the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill and why it should not become law. 

That some Republican Senators would vote alongside Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the entire Democratic Party to attempt to make this bill become law is unfathomable. But all hope is not lost just yet.

This week Speaker Boehner made a pledge to not bring the Senate’s amnesty bill to the House floor without the majority support of the House Republican Caucus. On July 10th after Congress comes back from their Fourth of July recess, House Republicans will hold a conference meeting about how they plan to address the Gang of Eight’s bill. 

If in that meeting House leadership decides to take a vote on the bill to see where members stand, that vote should be made public to the American people. Voters have a right to know where their representatives stand on this dangerous piece of legislation, and the Hastert Rule should apply to any legislation that makes its way to the House floor.

It’s imperative that Republican members of the House of Representatives stay true to their conservative principles and refuse to bring this bill to the floor for a vote. There is no doubt that we have work to do: it must start with completing the fence and enforcing the laws that already exist on the books. There is no need to rush this process, we must do it right. 

The Gang of Eights’s amnesty plan should not become the law of the land, and Americans are depending on the majority in the House of Representatives and their leadership to make sure it doesn't.


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