Palin: DHS Employee Allowed to Run Hate Site Represents 'Stupidity on Steroids'

Sarah Palin said the Department of Homeland Security official reportedly allowed to run a website obsessed with a potential race war is indicative of incompetence in the Obama administration. 

"This one is un-flippin'-believable!," Palin said on Fox News' On The Record Friday. "This one is stupidity on steroids, Obama administration!"

Palin said the country will find out whether Ayo Kimothi, the government employee who was running the racist website, "received approval for this or not because, evidently, thus far, it looks like he did receive approval to have this side job of running the website."

Kimothi reportedly told DHS supervisors that his website was used to sell concert videos, and officials did not vet the site.

"They gather information on all of us innocent Americans, why not one of their employees who's in charge of security, buying the guns and ammo," Palin said. "They couldn't do any surveillance, if you will, on this guy to find out what the heck his vocation—his avocation—happened to be... trying to kill whites?"

She criticized the Obama administration for thinking that these "gnarly HR issues that we're seeing" will be resolved if officials share "tea and crumpets with the offending official."

"Look at the scandals in the IRS, DOJ, now DHS and NSA. These are HR issues," she said, noting that these scandals start at the top when the "Big Brother bosses decide what laws they choose to follow that day."

Palin said Kimothi was not a public servant, "wants to kill his fellow Americans," and, "we need to get rid of him." She said the Obama administration should not be concerned about getting sued by getting rid of Kimothi. 

"It's bizarre," Palin reiterated. "As I say, it's stupidity on steroids, this one."


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