Passion Defeats Money in Colorado Recall Elections

The breakdown of contributions in the Colorado recall proves passion can overcome money in elections--even when the money is $3 million versus $540,000.

According to the numbers highlighted in the Denver Post, that is exactly what the contribution ratio was--six to one. Gun control advocates like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent six dollars for every one dollar given by passionate, grassroots 2nd Amendment citizen-activists.

Around the state of Colorado, those in support of senators Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) and John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) gave $1.5 million, while outside the state those who supported the gun control agenda gave $1.5 million more.

Here is a partial breakdown of some top anti-recall donors:

Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy - $620,000

Michael Bloomberg - $350,000

DLCC Unincorporated Individual Acct - $300,000

Eli Broad - $250,000

By contrast, the pro-recall efforts received only $540,000 total--a third of which came from grassroots citizen-activists within Colorado and the other portion provided by groups like the NRA supporting the citizen activists.

Here is a partial breakdown of the pro-recall donations:

NRA - $360,000

I Am Created Equal - $56,800

Citizens Protecting Our Colorado Constitution - $29,800

Victor Head, Pueblo resident - $5,800

Diana Harris, Colorado Springs resident - $4,500

The financial numbers were clearly skewed in favor of those fighting the recall, but in the end the lesson was clear--money cannot beat passion. 

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