From Recall to Repeal: Colorado Gun Control Under Fire

The group behind Colorado's successful recall effort of state senators John Morse (D-Colo. Springs) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) have now set their sights on the repeal of gun control laws passed earlier this year. 

Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns says they are taking a page from the playbook of the progressive left in this country and "refusing to rest on [their] laurels." They want to follow the successful September 10 recalls with a complete repeal of the draconian gun laws Morse and Giron supported.

In a letter sent to every legislator in Colorado on September 13, BFDF and Pueblo Freedom and Rights ask each legislator if he or she will support the repeal of the recently passed gun control laws. In the case that such repeal fails, they ask if legislators will support "a ballot initiative that would repeal Colorado's gun laws?"

BFDF and Pueblo Freedom and Rights make clear to all recipients that they are going to publish the results they garner and use those results to decide "future endeavors." The unmistakable message is that the September 10 recalls were a success and other recalls are not out of the question if legislators refuse to agree to repeal gun control and defend the 2nd Amendment. 

Recipients of the letter are asked to answer the questions about repealing gun control and/or supporting a ballot initiative to do so, and to sign and return the letter by September 30. Results will be made public on October 1.

During the morning hours of September 16 the website will go live, and Coloradans can go there to sign a petition for the repeal of the gun control laws Morse and Giron supported.

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