Second County Votes to Secede from California

The Modoc County Board of Supervisors in California voted to secede from the Golden State Tuesday, joining Siskiyou County, which has already voted to do so. 

The counties intend to form the new state, "Jefferson." Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, who wrote last month of her support for her county to secede, was excited about Modoc County’s move, saying:

We are delighted to have Modoc County join Siskiyou in seeking to establish the formation of a new state. Modoc County has validated our belief that the current state of California is ungovernable and its policies are unrepresentative of the needs and values of Northern California communities.

In last month’s letter to PublicCEO, Armstrong acknowledged that a secession attempt would be a “Herculean task,” but she added, “It is a fact that we have little input into decisions affecting us. We have no clout in how state resources are allocated to meet our needs and very little to say about the myriad regulations and fees under which we are struggling.” She wrote:

The foundation of the economic base of Siskiyou County is, and always has been natural resources – logging, farming, mining and recreation. We now find ourselves in a vortex of lawsuits and restrictive regulations that redirects our focus to pure survival. These ‘intolerable acts’ are suffocating our small businesses and placing enormous stress on communities and family stability. Saw mills have closed, water is turned off to farms, mining is placed under a moratorium and burning forests choke our skies with acrid smoke.

Critics have called the secession movement a publicity stunt, but the counties have been championed by others.


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