Immigration Agents: Obama 'in No Position' to Demand Amnesty

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) National Council president Chris Crane released a statement on Wednesday in response to President Barack Obama’s calls for amnesty for America’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants, saying that President Obama has no authority or mandate to make such a demand.

“The President is in no position to demand Congress pass immigration reform,” Crane said. “His administration and DHS leadership have undermined ICE's enforcement mission and put the public safety and national security at risk. Officers are currently forced to apply his DREAMer orders to detainees in prisons and jails.”

Crane added that because of the president’s policies, severe criminals are released from jails all as a result of his support of amnesty.

“Aggravated felons, child molesters and other violent criminals are released every day back into communities based on the President's unlawful policies,” Crane said. 

Eight months ago ICE officers requested a meeting with President Obama and are still waiting to meet. Yet the President invited CEO's, big labor and activist groups to meet with him on immigration, as well as illegal aliens who were invited to the Oval Office. This administration has shown contempt for law enforcement and ICE personnel. I hope Democrats and Republicans in the House will reject the calls of the White House and its big business allies seeking to profit from "reform" and make its first priority on immigration to investigate the corruption at DHS.

Obama said he plans to push for amnesty the "day after" the fiscal fights in Congress conclude.


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