Exclusive Interview: Border Patrol Agents Retain Right to Defend Themselves

The safety of the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol has often been collateral damage in left-of-center illegal immigration advocates’ efforts to reduce border security and continue allowing the steady flow of illegal aliens into the United States from nations south of the U.S./Mexico border. 

However, recent lobbying efforts, primarily led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), to prevent U.S. Border Patrol agents from using force in certain deadly and remote situations has failed.

“I was surprised by the Border Patrol Agency standing up for us in the face of special interest groups,” Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, exclusively told Breitbart News. “Past history shows that the Border Patrol leadership usually backs down in the face of special interest groups.”

Moran was referring to recent efforts to curb the use of deadly force by Border Patrol agents who were having rocks or other deadly items thrown at them. The ACLU, along with the academics and previously politically-appointed law enforcement brass from the nonprofit Police Executive Research Forum, sought to prevent the U.S. Border Patrol and their parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), from using deadly force in response to rock attacks and suspects using vehicles to attack agents. 

The activists' effort to diminish the ability for Border Patrol agents to defend themselves was reportedly initiated by a letter signed by 10 congressional leaders after the death of an illegal immigrant in 2010. All of the letters signers were Democrats, including then-Representative Bob Filner. The 2010 death of the illegal alien occurred approximately a year after the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent by illegal aliens in the same area. In that instance, several Mexican nationals illegally entered the U.S., lured, trapped, and killed Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, Jr. because they wanted his night-vision goggles.

The CPB and Border Patrol Agency decision to continue allowing Border Patrol Agents to defend themselves was first reported by Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press (AP). The AP article was actually quite fair and acknowledged some of the dangers lone Border Patrol agents face while having to operate in remote border region areas. The article acknowledged that the protocols for use-of-force that are appropriate for law enforcement officers in urban areas are often not appropriate in desolate surroundings along the U.S./Mexico border.

“The men and women of the border patrol with their boots on the ground have won a major victory in the fight to defend themselves and protect the American public,” said Moran. “They are out there all alone and are constantly assailed by rocks, stones, and bricks.”

“This is an absolute victory, there are two sides to every story and the Border Patrol agents’ side is often left out when an accusation is leveled against them,” Moran said. “They choose to assault Border Patrol agents and endanger our lives and this guarantees that agents have the right to defend themselves.”

A previous Breitbart News exclusive indicated the aggressive defense of Border Patrol agents by Moran and his National Border Patrol Council may have actually played the pivotal role in this victory for the men and women the council represents. When the ACLU and their ideological counterparts in media began using one-sided reports of abuses of power and excessive force from illegal aliens to reduce the ability of Border Patrol agents to defend themselves, Moran and his National Border Patrol Council responded by leveling an unprecedented public campaign to defend the agents. 

Not only did they demand the CBP begin to release data on the criminal histories of many of their agents’ accusers, they also publicly accused the CBP of intentionally restricting access to that information along with other pertinent data regarding the numbers of attacks on Border Patrol agents. Perhaps the most shocking revelation from Moran's National Border Patrol Council was that the CBP was refusing to prosecute illegal aliens who had physically assaulted U.S. law enforcement from the Border Patrol.


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