Pew Poll: 60% Oppose Obama on Immigration Reform

A new national poll conducted by Pew Research has found that 60% of Americans oppose the comprehensive immigration reform legislation President Barack Obama has been pushing. 

The survey found that "only about a third of the public (32%) approves of the job Obama is doing on immigration policy." In February of 2013, when Obama started to make his push for comprehensive immigration reform along with Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and John McCain (R-AZ), only 43% of Americans disapproved of Obama's immigration agenda. In June, when the Senate was passing its comprehensive immigration reform bill, 47% of Americans disapproved of Obama's immigration agenda. 

More Americans have grown to dislike the proposed comprehensive immigration reform plan as more details about it has come out, such as the Congressional Budget Office's determination that the Senate's immigration bill would reduce the wages of working class Americans. 

In addition, 65% of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing on the economy. As Breitbart News reported, another 720,000 Americans left the labor force in October, lowering the labor force participation rate to 62.8%, "the lowest level since 1978."

Regardless, Obama and big-business interests have been pushing for comprehensive immigration reform legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for all of the country's illegal immigrants. McCain and Obama met on Thursday to plot strategies on how to get immigration reform passed, and Obama again urged Congress to pass a bill on Friday in a speech in New Orleans. 

House Republicans are reportedly working on piecemeal bills to eventually get to conference with the Senate bill, where the provision to provide a pathway to citizenship for all of the country's illegal immigrants would most likely prevail. McCain has even said proponents of immigration reform would make another push for the bill next year after the Republican primaries if a bill is not passed this year. 

The Pew Research Center poll was conducted conducted Oct. 30-Nov. 6.


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