Gonzaga Students Threatened with Expulsion for Using Gun to Fend Off Intruder

Two Gonzaga University students are facing expulsion for using a handgun to defend themselves when a six-time felon broke into their home. 

In late October, Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh were in campus housing located off the main campus when John Taylor pushed through their door and entered the dwelling. Taylor had "six prior convictions" and was "arrested later that night on an unrelated charge."

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor said he was looking for money so McIntosh pulled a handgun when he entered the dwelling. Upon  seeing the gun Taylor left the premises. 

Said McIntosh: "I drew on Mr. Taylor and [he] fled immediately." He added: "[Mr. Taylor] did not stick around to see if I was serious or not, [but] I was completely serious with that man."

Because of the presence of the gun in the dwelling, Gonzaga's board began taking steps to expel both McIntosh and Fagan on November 7. At the same time, administrators are reviewing the school's firearm policy. 

The two students should learn their fate during the coming week.

(Image from KHQ-TV)

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