Obamacare Website Asks Cancer Survivor for Name of First Kiss

Maryland breast cancer survivor Lynn Baklor has been trying to enroll through her state's busted Obamacare health exchange for two months to no avail. The website has, however, successfully asked Baklor for "the first name of the boy or girl that you first kissed" as one of its security questions. 

"I started applying on the state's exchange Oct. 10," Baklor told WBALTV-MD reporter Jayne Miller. 

Baklor says she's received the runaround from at least 10 state Obamacare workers, each of whom has given her conflicting instructions and assurances. She's heard "everything from send in a paper application, which I did. The next person said, 'Oh no, you are already online, that doesn't get you anything.'" Other Maryland Obamacare workers promised to call the cancer survivor to help her, but the calls never came. 

"Another couple people promised, 'I will call at this specific time because my name is now on your account so I will make sure it happens.' No phone calls," said Baklor. "No one can tell me how or when or why, it's just stuck." 

Adding to Baklor's frustration has been what she considers the inappropriate and immature security questions Maryland's broken Obamacare website asks, including: 

"Where were you when you had your first kiss?" 

"What is the first name of the boy or girl that you first kissed?"

"I think it's unprofessional," Baklor said. "Treat me like an adult."  

Maryland's troubled Obamacare exchange has "enrolled" under 4,000 residents; how many of those individuals have actually made their first payment and activated their coverage is presently unknown. 

Last week, the head of Maryland's Obamacare exchange, Rebecca Pearce, resigned. 


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