Senate's Gun Control Bill Would Not Have Stopped Arapahoe Shooter

Police say the 18-year old who wounded one student, then killed himself at a Colorado high school on December 13th purchased his gun "legally" at "a Denver-area gun store."

According to ABC News, Karl Halverson Pierson walked into Arapahoe High School with a 12-gauge shotgun he bought on December 6th. 

This means Pierson underwent a background check for his purchase. This is critical information because gun control proponents keep arguing that expanded background checks will make America safer. However, the expanded checks will be the same checks we have right now; they will simply be applied to all purchases instead of some purchases.

However, Pierson proves again that background checks cannot—and will not—stop an individual intent on committing crime.

This is why Senator Joe  Manchin (D-WV) admitted that his expanded background check legislation would not have stopped the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. It is also why one of Manchin's strongest supporters—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)—also admitted that expanded background checks would not have stopped Sandy Hook.

Furthermore, it should be noted that expanded background checks would not have stopped the November 3rd LAX shooter or the Aurora theater shooter—both of whom purchased their guns in a "legal" manner, as well.

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