Congress Keeps Tax Credit for Illegal Immigrants, Cuts Military Pensions

On December 17 Democratic senators successfully blocked a Republican attempt to shift spending cuts away from military pensions into a billion-dollar IRS credit sometimes claimed by illegal immigrants. 

This sets the stage for a final vote on the budget bill by late Wednesday.

According to Fox News, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) fought to cut billions from "an IRS credit that illegal immigrants have claimed." However, Democrats blocked his amendment, thereby preserving the credit for illegals while moving forward instead with cuts to military pensions. 

Sessions and his colleagues argued that the budget bill "unfairly sticks veterans and other military retirees with the cost of new spending." Speaking from the Senate floor, he said this was "not correct, and it should not happen."

He argued when Democrats blocked his amendment they had essentially chosen to "cut military pensions instead of cutting welfare for illegal immigrants."

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