Utah Gun Company Passes on $15 Million Deal to Keep U.S. Troops Safe

Utah gun company Desert Tech turned down a "$15 million deal" to supply "precision rifles" to Pakistan out of concern that the weapons could have endangered U.S. troops.

Desert Tech rifles "can change caliber within minutes and have the capacity to shoot as far as 3,000 yards."

According to the Associated Press, Desert Tech was "on a short list" to supply these rifles to Pakistan, but passed "because of unrest in Pakistan and ethical concerns" that involved U.S. forces.

Desert Tech sales manager Mike Davis said, "We don't know that those guns would've [gone] somewhere bad, but with the unrest we just ended up not feeling right about it." He added, "As a business owner you always want to be successful, but I think ethically and morally you want to go about it the right way and stick behind your founding principles."

Colonel Steven R. Watt of the Utah National Guard said he admires "Desert Tech for potentially turning down what could have been a very lucrative contract in the interest of protecting American service members."

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