Missouri, Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Firing Squads as More Humane Execution Method

Lawmakers in Missouri and Wyoming are proposing firing squads as a more humane way of executing criminals condemned to death.

According to the Associated Press, lawmakers began reconsidering firing squads after an Ohio man "[gasped] several times and took more than 20 minutes to die" when being executed with drugs.

Legislation to allow firing squads in Missouri has been proposed in the House. Current law allows executions in that state by "lethal drugs" or "lethal gas." The House bill would place firing squads as a third option.

Such squads would "[consist] of five law enforcement officers chosen by the state corrections director."

In Wyoming, state senator Bruce Burns (R-Sheridan) is "pushing to allow the use of the firing squad to execute condemned state inmates if constitutional problems or other issues ever prevented the state from using lethal injection."

Burns said he chose the firing squad over a gas chamber because he considers the latter to be "cruel and unusual." 

His bill will be considered in the legislative session that opens on February 10. 

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