FBI Affidavit Suggests Yee Tried to Obtain Illegal Weapons While Pushing Gun Control

Although California state senator Leland Yee (D) was "a hero to gun regulators," documents suggest he was working to obtain illegal weapons while pushing gun control. 

In other words, while he was pushing "legislation that would have strengthened" California's assault weapons's ban he was also trying to connect would-be donors with people who could supply weapons far beyond AR-15s and AK-47s. 

According to Business Insider, FBI special agent Emmanuel Pascua's affidavit "suggests Yee was holding meetings with people he thought were mafia associates [and] promising to connect them with people who could provide heavy weaponry" at the very time that he was "publicly promising to curb access to guns."

Pascua said that as recently as January, Yee told an undercover agent about an arms dealer who could get "weapons from Russia." Yee also referenced "Muslim countries" for sources too.

And just think--in the wake of the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary Yee said, "We must limit access to weapons that can result in such catastrophe and murder."

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