Pistol Packing Nurse Saves Man Being Beaten by Gang of Attackers in Detroit

On April 2, Deborah Hughes looked out her front window and saw Steve Utash on the ground being brutally beaten by a gang of men--she grabbed her pistol and ran to his aid.

According to the Daily Mail, Utash had stopped to check on a 10-year-old child "he had accidentally hit." 

When Utash got out of the car a gang converged on him and had beat him unconscious "by the time [Hughes] got to his side."

Once there, Hughes said: "I laid over the top of him, I put my arms around him and said, 'Your are safe. Nobody's going to hurt you no more.'"

Detroit Police Chief James Craig "praised" Hughes for her actions 

It is believed at least six assailants were involved in beating Utash "into a life-threatening coma." 

The 10-year-old suffered a broken leg.

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