GOP Candidate Shoots Down Spying Government Drone in Campaign Ad

Montana state Senator Matt Rosendale (R-Glendale) is running for U.S. Congress and is currently airing a commercial in which he shoots down a government drone and pledges to "get Washington out of our lives."

The commercial opens with a drone camera looking down from the sky. Rosendale looks up at it and says, "This is how I look from a government drone." The screen zooms in on Rosendale, who chambers a round in his rifle and says, "And this is what I think about it."

The drone is then shot and loses signal. 

The camera cuts back to Rosendale, who states: "The federal government is too big and too powerful. More taxes and regulations put Montana families out of work. Spying on our citizens? That's just wrong."

He closes by saying he approves the message because he is "ready to stand tall for freedom" and to "get Washington out of our lives."

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