Dems Use Santa Barbara Shooting to Push Gun Control, Ignore Myrtle Beach Tragedy

As Democrats and gun control advocates continue to push the three gun-related deaths in Santa Barbara as justification for more gun control, the gun-related deaths of three people at a "predominantly black" bike fest in South Carolina have gotten no mention.

Democrats are also mum on the two people who were shot to death and the eight who were wounded in less than ten hours in Chicago on Saturday.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, the deaths at Myrtle Beach were preceded by a "sidewalk brawl involving several people." The Monitor quoted a witness who told The Sun News, "At first, everyone was standing around to see who was going to win the fight. Then they started shooting and everyone scattered."

Three people died "before emergency responders arrived on the scene."

Liveleak video of the incident shows that those in the brawl were black, as were the crowds of people into whom shots were fired. 

But Democrats are focusing on the three deaths in Santa Barbara to push more gun control.

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